“22, A Million” is One in a Million


Lexa Garian, Staff Writer

We all have that one playlist that we listen to while we’re studying or stressed or simply on the drive home from work when all we want to do is relax. The majority of that playlist, for me, consists of Bon Iver. Listening to songs such as “Holocene” or “Wash.” from the album “Bon Iver”, which debuted in 2011, I know that my anxiousness will be calmed and my mind put at ease the minute that the lyrics are played through my car speakers.


This is the same reaction I had listening to songs such as “22 (OVER SooN)” or “715 –  CREEKS” , from his newest album, “22, A Million” which appeared out of nowhere almost 5 years after his last album release. Don’t get me wrong, a couple of the songs seemed a little strange for my taste, such as “29 #Strafford APTS” or “___45___”, with lyrics that didn’t seem to strike a chord within me or had an almost-too-jumpy style. But something about each one makes you want to listen for at least 5 seconds longer because you know that there is a good chance it will make a full 180.


“22, A Million” is definitely worth a listen. Keep in mind though, the songs are not very similar to any others that have been produced by the band.


This album is one that keeps you anxiously waiting for the next song and the unpredictable style that is promised to come with it.