No Matter Where You Are or What You’re Doing


Allie Senf, Breaking News

He will always be a warrior. No matter where life takes him, or what he is doing, he will always be a warrior.

Even when life takes him 260 miles away from Wando.

David Crockett, one of Wando’s Associate Head Principals, has accepted a position as owner and operator of a Chick-fil-A in Greensboro, N.C. The end of this semester will also mark the end of his time at Wando.

And while this may seem sudden, Crockett, the man behind the pep rallies, the announcements, the High School Nation event last year and more, says it’s wasn’t an easy decision to make: “If something’s going to pull me away from here, it’s going to be pretty special.”

There are more than a few students who would agree that Chick-fil-A is pretty special indeed. And it seems that Chick-fil-A has recognized how special Crockett is too.

“I found out that last year, I was one of 440,000 people approximately who did that first initial ‘hey I’m interested in seeing if this’ll work’ step,” Crockett said. “I’ll be one of approximately between 100-200 that actually get placed in a restaurant this year.”

Applicants undergo extensive interviews to try to see if they would be a good fit with the company, and at any step they can be taken out of the running. As time went on, Crockett realized “they [Chick-fil-A] cared about me and my family than they did just finding a place that would work or filling a position…part of the reason why they were excited about me was because of who I was, and the personality and the character that I felt like I brought and who they’ve gotten to know.”

The company’s mentality reflects his own. Crockett’s past seven years have been devoted to making Wando a better place, a place students that want to have ownership of.

“It’s part of my passion,” he said. “If I have a chance to be in front of them whether it’s the junior class ring meeting whether it’s the pep rallies, I want them to see my excitement to see them and to work with them, and to allow them to see that we care more about them as people than a student who is going to get a grade and then leave,” he said.

And it’s paid off. Crockett has had an immeasurable impact on Wando’s culture, simply by being a person students know is there for them.
“He’s a person that I can trust and that i can go to whenever i need help or assistance or need someone to go to … I could always go talk to him, about anything,” senior Connor Griffin said.

Senior Gage Gibson said “everyday just kinda seeing him and seeing him smile — that’s what you kinda remember is just him always being there to greet you.”

“He’ll be missed.” Griffin said. “He embodies what it means to be a warrior.”