Tribal Tribune

2019-2020 Staff

Peyton Raybon

Sports Editor

Peyton Raybon is a senior and the 2019-2020 Sports Editor. Along with being a photographer, she is also a captain on the Wando Cheer Team.

Audrey Kelly

Writing Editor

Audrey Kelly is a second year staffer and Co-Writing Editor. She is absurdly obsessed with Harry Potter, Marvel and Game of Thrones. She also loves bread.

Hana Donnelly

Co-Website Editor

Hana Donnelly is a third year staff member and Co-Website Editor. She is a musician, photographer, writer, salad connoisseur, and computer nerd.

Aaron Rothkopf

Creative Director

Aaron is a 3rd year staffer and the Creative Director. He is a part-time model and extreme movie buff.

Joey Watts

Co-Graphics Editor

Joey Watts is second year staff and Co-Graphics Editor. He is a fun, friendly, self-described history buff that likes long walks through antique shops and eating cheeseburgers.

Alexis Perry

Co-website editor

Alexis Perry is a third year staffer and is co-website editor. She enjoys horror movies, writing songs, and analyzing birth charts unprovoked.

Hunter Musi

Content Editor

Hunter Musi a first year and Content Editor. He dreams of attending the University of Phoenix Online with a degree in Clinical Puppeteering.

Jill Hethcox

Co-design editor

Jill is co-design editor and a second year staffer. She enjoys rollerskating, singing, and having a good time. Her nickname is Jill with no chill.

Ash Comire

Copy editor

Ash is an eccentric second year staffer and is the copy editor. She loves cosplay, intense guitar solos, and owns twelve wigs.

Megan Wooters

Co-design editor

Megan is co-design editor and a second year staffer. She likes drinking smoothies, reading people's birth charts, and petting dogs.

Ted Fairchild

Co-editor in chief

Ted is co-editor in chief and a second year staffer who loves surfing and the outdoors. Soccer is basically his life other than newspaper.

Eva Chillura

Co-editor in chief

Eva is co-editor in chief and a third year staffer and 2019 Al Neuharth Free Spirit Scholar. She is a vegetarian food reporter and likes to scoot around the national mall after midnight.

Graham McAlister

Co-Associate Editor

Graham is Co-Associate Editor and it is his second year on staff. He loves to surf, play soccer, and hang out with his friends at the beach.

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