“Bobby Tarantino” Puts Pop-Rap In the Spotlight


Luke Sinclaire, Staff Writer

One of the hottest rappers in the game right now is Logic. He solidified this statement in July with his newest mixtape “Bobby Tarantino,” which appeared out of thin air.


What I find amazing about Logic’s newest mixtape is how he has so many different types of beats and sounds throughout. From the light pop-rap song “‘Super Mario World”, which makes you want to jam out with your friends in a car, to two of the deeper songs, “Slave II” and “Wrist”, which would mentally prepare you for the big game.

One of the top songs on the mixtape, “Flexicution,” released fifteen days prior to the drop of the mixtape, is considered by most to be a complete banger. Logic started teasing his fans about the song in an interview on April 5th this past year. It’s one of those songs that you just feel like you are legally obliged to stand up and do some kind of dance move or just start jumping and fist pumping to. It’s high-energy, makes your skin tingle somewhat, and has one heck of a hook.


Though he has had incredible success, Logic still is considered to be one of the “softer” and more of a “Mr. Nice Guy” rapper. This has helped Logic build a strong fan base, but with this new mixtape, he is obviously trying to gain some street credit.


Throughout the mixtape, Logic talks about himself and boasts how great of a rapper he is, which is not false. Being the lyrical genius he is, I believe it’s fair that he wants to be taken more seriously. However, don’t take that the wrong way and think that Logic is wanting to become some self-centered person.


Logic may want to be respected more, but that doesn’t change his love for his fans. When he first released “Bobby Tarantino”, he put a picture up on his Instagram page, with the caption telling his fans that the mixtape was dedicated to them and all of the impact from the fans they have made on him. #RattPack.


If you like enjoy listening to the up-and-coming “pop-rap” genre, then “Bobby Tarantino” is the mixtape for you.