Chipotle is Dead to Me


Patrick Aherne, Staff Designer

Why Chipotle? Why’d you have to do me like that? In case you didn’t hear, Chipotle has apparently started a new movement (unless this has been going on for a while).

I went to one after a long time of not eating there and realized that they do not cut their quesadillas anymore. One may wonder what their reasoning is, but really there is no justification.

Eating quesadillas is nearly impossible now with this new technique.

The news hit me in Florida when I sat down to eat and noticed no incisions. I took it back up thinking they forgot and they said “Sorry bud. We can’t do that for you. Here is a plastic knife.” I was confused and thought it was just at that one Chipotle. I later realized every single one does this.

“It is corporate policy” said the manager of the new Chipotle on Highway 17. Employees are required to leave the quesadillas uncut to avoid letting the tin foil end up in the food. This is no excuse for leaving the customer to figure it out himself. Having cut quesadillas may not be a priority for the owner of Chipotle or it could possibly be beyond his or her knowledge to solve this problem.

Either way, we had a good run, but Chipotle is dead to me now.