“Here” Gives New Meaning to Music


Grace Chisam, Staff Writer

Lately , It’s always a struggle to find music with meaning.

Alicia Keys is a beautiful and progressive artist, who uses her voice to deliver a message, and she doesn’t miss a single mark in her new album “HERE”. Her album released on Nov. 4 is a breath of fresh air.

Reminiscent of Etta James, but influenced of R&B, Keys stands alone in her own genre. The whole album is poetry and she sets herself apart from any other artist right now. The album is refreshing and different.

Every single song is a must hear, but my personal favorites off the album are, without a doubt, “Holy War” and “Girl Can’t be Herself.” These songs both acknowledge issues and are beautiful to listen to. I think it is definitely easy to say Alicia Keys “HERE” is the epitome of lyrical wisdom.

“HERE” is fearless and pushes boundaries, the interludes in between every few songs alone make it worth a listen. The interludes are essentially short pieces of spoken word poetry. She’s again addressing serious issues, like self love and racial bias.

Alicia Key’s is obviously a very enlightened artist with a lot to say. She seamlessly executes purposeful lyrics without missing a beat.

This goes without saying, HERE is a revolutionary album that is worth a listen