“Lego Batman” Is Quirky and Fast Paced


Rose Holstein, Staff Designer

Legos and Batman. What could be better? After finding out that the movie was going to be in theatres, premiering on Feb. 10, I knew I had to be there to watch it.

The film starts as anyone would expect a Batman movie to go, with crime fighting and stopping the Joker. After the Joker hands himself and the rest of the Batman villains to justice, Batman finds himself realizing that he has nothing he can turn to. Soon after the story takes a shift to start focusing on Batman reacting to being a part of a family again as he accidentally adopts Robin. He also must come to terms with listening to others and see that he can’t do everything. Batman must fight whether he wants to remain alone or try and open up his heart.

The Lego Batman movie lived up to being just as surprising as Lego movie. With high action and surprisingly thoughtful animation, the movie seems to focus more on telling a good story rather than being a two hour long commercial bent on selling more toys.

While being highly satirical of the other Batman movies, it still manages to have a nice message and story. It realizes that superhero movies don’t have to be dark but can be fun and lighthearted. The jokes are fast-pace and very funny giving nods to previous Batman movies any fan would appreciate.

All of the characters are enjoyable to watch and work well off each other. Even Batman and Joker have an new interesting relationship taking a new spin onto them as more of “frienemies” than just mortal enemies. The movie does a great job giving all the characters round personalities and not just sock traits.

The only criticism I’d give is that the movie can be a little too fast-paced at times and too many jokes can be given at once making it a little tiring. However, most of the time it is never out of place and adds to the quirkiness of the movie.

The movie is self aware that it doesn’t need to be dark and gritty in order to have deep themes. It appeals to all ages and people whether a hard core fan or not. The movie shines bright and has a lot of heart and life in it. I’d highly recommend anyone to see the movie for laughs and a genuinely good story.