“Oh My My” is a Game Changer


Coleman Wallace, Staff Writer

For fans of pop-rock mix music, OneRepublic is changing the game with their new album Oh my my.

Ever since 2002, the band has been fairly steady in their style, sticking to the fast paced, upbeat music that the genre generally consists of. They generally stick to edit-sparse sounds, and utilize traditional instruments such as piano and acoustic guitar to achieve their signature grassroots sound. However, this new album takes a new direction, by bringing their audience a wonderfully creative blend of techno within their style.

OneRepublic collaborates with several artists such as Peter Gabriel, Cassius, and even Santigold. This medley of artists allows OneRepublic to create a new style as well as draw parallels to their old albums. For example, the song “Dream” in the album utilizes heavy amounts of bass guitar and techno to create a surreal, slow, dubstep-like rhythm. The star song “Oh my my” proves to be even more to this style, laden with a bass rhythm and full of techno remix that bears a large similarity to Daft Punk. This new style is both refreshing and aesthetic and for the long-standing fans of OneRepublic, it provides a refreshing change in taste without deviating too much from their original style.

Expect great things out of this new sound change, as Oh My My is sure to give fans a new style to enjoy.