Peyton Raybon

Regan Clifford athlete of the month

September 12, 2019

How has golf shaped your life?

“Golf has taught me all these life skills, like honesty and respect, because you can’t cheat in golf. If you do, everybody knows because the golf community is so small so you’ll get this bad reputation.”

Why do you play golf?

“I have this heart condition that causes me not to be able to raise my heart rate. I can’t run or do anything that gets it up so, golf. But I love it and I wouldn’t choose anything else.”

How’s your season going going so far?

“The season is actually going pretty good. I just won the [Charleston Classic Invitational] tournament a few weeks ago which was a really nice start [to the season]. The whole team for third place which is good. We have a bunch of freshman and they’re actually doing good.”

What’s your favorite memory regarding golf?

“Probably State and where we just get all these types of food; lots of junk food and Double Stuff Oreos.”

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