“Starboy” is Out of this World


Lexa Garian, Staff Writer

On a Saturday afternoon in September, a sixteen year old girl would be visiting upstate New York with plans to attend the New York State Fair, solely for the experience and, of course, the fair food. Similar to select fairs in other areas, the NY State Fair has a daily schedule of both free concerts as well as those that require purchased tickets.


On the line up for that Saturday afternoon, a “‘group” named The Weeknd; (group in quotes because much to the girl’s surprise, she would find this to only be a one man group).


And just like that, ignorance and luck sparked an obsession. With a ninteen hour car ride back to Charleston ahead of me, I had ample amount of time to do- school work? No. Listen to every single song by the Weeknd.


If I said there weren’t at least three Weeknd songs on every playlist I have, I would be lying. You have

So when I heard that the new album “Starboy” would be coming out November 25th, I was beyond ready and my expectations were through the roof.


I eagerly grabbed my headphones in math class the morning of and started from the first song on the album: “Starboy”. Ehhhhhh, not my style. Expectation a little lowered. I skipped three quarters of the way through to the second song; “Party Monster”. Could probably more accurately be titled “Repetitive”. Expectation lowered again.


But once I hit the song “True Colors”, my faith was restored. Then “Sidewalks”. “Six Feet Under”. “All I Know”. These were The Weeknd songs I had been waiting for. You’ve done it again, Abel Tesfaye.


Per usual, a good mix of everything. I was satisfied with the majority of the album. I will say though, for “All I Know” with Future, nothing can be better than “Low Life”. Don’t expect it to be.


10/10 would recommend a listen.

“Earned It” and “Acquainted” for your chill vibes playlist, “The Hills” for the in-the-car-with-5-other-friends-volume-35 playlist, “The Morning” for summer days. Truly a song for anything and everything.