Tribal Tribune breaks records at the Southern Interscholastic Press Association

Tyler Fedor, Co-Writing Editor

Tribal Tribune won a record number of 52 individual awards at the Southern Interscholastic Press Association (SIPA) convention as well as taking home the Scroggins Award for the best newsprint in the Southeast.

Tribal Tribune attended SIPA March 1-3.

Junior Aaron Rothkopf was also elected member at large, a student officer position at the convention. He will help plan SIPA in 2019 with other student officers.

In addition, staff members won awards for on-site competition awards as well.

On-site Tops competition awards:
Best Design – Claudia Ottinger, Cooper Lockett, Ben Wallace and Gustavo Martinez-Hernandez.
Best Story – Samantha Garland, Haley Havelock, Sadie Allen and Abrielle Zelek.

Newspaper Awards:

Tribal Tribune: All-Southern

Entertainment/Feature Column:
First Place: Morgan Carpenter (Healing)
Second Place: Haley Havelock (‘Home’ is where the heart is)

News Feature:
Second Place: Rosemary Delameter (A Sanctuary for Immigrants)
Third Place: Cooper Lockett (Never in Vain, Never Again)

Personality Feature:
First Place: Haley Havelock (The Picture of Strength)

Second Place: Eva Chillura (On Our Plate: Cantina 76)
Honorable Mention: Cameryn Teder (99 Ways to get a laugh)

Sports Story:
First: Rosemary Delameter (Diving into another championship)

Community Ad:
Best in Show: Rita Wilkin (The Warrior Shop ad)
Award of Merit: Rita Wilkin (Taco Bell ad)

Editorial Cartoon:
Best in show: Joey Watts (Issue 3, The fault in our politics)
Honorable Mention: Joey Watts (Issue 5, Financial literacy: a crucial life skill)
Art Portfolio:
Award of Merit: Joey Watts (Issue 1 Editorial cartoon, Issue 3 Editorial cartoon, Issue 5 Editorial cartoon, Issue 2 The weight of the future.)

Honorable Mention: Joey Watts (Issue 5, Drilling away the coast)

Best in show: Caroline Koeman (Issue 3, A seven year journey)
Award of merit: Caroline Koeman (Issue 1, Never in vain, never again)

Entertainment page:
Award of merit: Gustavo Martinez-Hernandez (Issue 5, Legally Blonde)

Feature page:
Best in show: Abrielle Zelek (Issue 3, Band on the national stage)
Award of merit: Claudia Ottinger (Issue 5, Family finds a new love)

Front page:
Award of merit: Caroline Koeman (Issue 5)

News page:
Award of merit: Noel Mahon (Issue 5, To vaccinate or not)
Honorable mention: Claudia Ottinger (Issue 5, Drilling away the coast)

Op/ed Page:
Best in show: Margaret O’Neil (Issue 5, Financial literacy: a crucial skill)

Sports page:
Best in show: Rita Wilkin (Issue 5, all in out west)
Award of merit: Claudia Ottinger (Issue 5, The renaissance man)

Newspaper portfolio:
Best in show: Caroline Koeman (Issue 5, Wearing out the world, Issue 2, Hammered, Issue 5 front page, Issue 3, A seven year journey)

Online Awards:
All-Southern – Tribal Tribune

First Place: MacKenzie Neirduffy (The Lucky Few: A close account of 9/11)
Third Place: Edwin Gately (Baking Mount Everest)

Personality Feature:
Third Place: Liz Hipes (Carrying on Culture)

Award of Merit: Ben Wallace (, 116th Congress)

Digital storytelling:
Best in show: Ashley Flint and Evy Apostolou (Dancing for a new children’s hospital – Wando’s annual Wandothon)
Award of merit: Lauren Creech and Evy Apostolou (Skating through life)
Honorable Mention: Evy Apostolou (The Outlet’s Poetry Slam)

News Package:
Best in show: Eva Chillura (Saving the planet with fabric)
Honorable mention: Ted Fairchild (Drilling down the coast)

Opinion package:
Best in show: Mackenzie NeirDuffy (The lucky few: a close account of 9/11)
Honorable mention: Megan Ralfe (A journey through immigration)

Award of merit: Alex Perry (The Spear- Episode 6, Black History Month, featuring Leanna Rossi-Potter)
Honorable mention: Alexis Perry, Jackson Payne and Cooper Lockett (TAKE TWO Episode 2 With Cooper Lockett and Jackson Payne)

Sports package:
Honorable mention: Audrey Kelly and Graham McAllister (The man of many talents)

Online portfolio:
Best in show: Ben Wallace

Best in show: Allison Hipes
Honorable mention: Max McCrary

Award of merit: Emma Martin
Honorable mention: Emma Martin

Environmental portrait:
Best in show: Hana Donnelly

Best in show: Ted Fairchild

Sports Reaction:
Best in show: Nancy Remoll

Photography portfolio:
Award of merit: Margaret O’Neil