Week 11: Abby Wilhite, Girls Lacrosse


Emma Martin, Staff Photographer

How has lacrosse shaped your life?

Lacrosse for me has been playing as a team and learning how to work with other people. You meet so many people that you usually wouldn’t be friends because it’s all different groups of people and you get closer than you would ever be outside of school.

Why do you play lacrosse?

I play lacrosse because I love the sport but I also love being on a team. I used to play tennis and more individual sports, but I just love being on a team. That’s one of the biggest reasons I play lacrosse.

How’s your season going so far?

We had our first scrimmage on the 11th, we did lose but it was our first week of practice. Also, we played Bishop England and since they’re a private school they’ve been playing all year and are a lot more experienced. But for only having one week of practice, I am shocked at how well we already work as a team. I was honestly nervous for the scrimmage yesterday, but we showed up and we worked really, really well. Even though we lost, we lost with dignity.

What’s your favorite memory regarding lacrosse?

I think one of my favorite memories was last year. We had an away game going to Chapin and it was one of the closer games we had ever played. We lost by one point, but it was back in forth the entire time so, when we lost, it wasn’t a big deal because we were so excited to play that hard and fight that hard.