Week 15: Paige Fister, Girl’s Rugby


How has Rugby shaped your life?

It’s just so unique and different than every other sport. I love being part of the team and it’s really taught me a lot. It’s crazy being part of Wando’s first girls rugby team.

Why do you play Rugby?

The tackling is one of my favorite parts for sure, but also I couldn’t really find a sport that I was passionate about and for once the team was great and the sport was great.

How is the season going so far?

The season is going good for our first team, but you cant really decide how good we are yet since it’s only just started. So far though, all the teams from other school are telling us how good we are doing for our first year, so next year I think we will be really good.

What’s your favorite memory regarding Rugby?

I think my favorite memory with Rugby was after our first try, which is when you score and it was our first time ever scoring and it was really cool; we all just started screamjnf, telling, and jumping.