Week 19: Doug Carson, Boy’s Track


Emma Martin, Staff Writer

How has track shaped your life?

“Track has made me more determined and care about stuff more. It’s really made me work harder”.

Why do you run track?

“Well I started running for Mount Pleasant Track in the sixth grade, but it looks really good for colleges and I really want to run in college”.

How’s the season going so far?

“The season was alright. We could’ve done better because we had a lot of guys get injured this season. I think we have a lot of room for improvement next year. For me, next year is the year that really counts because junior year is the one that colleges really look at”.

What’s your favorite memory regarding track?

“One time in eighth grade, it was a meet with eighth graders through freshman. It was the first couple meets of the season, and I beat everybody by forty-five seconds in the 5K”. It was pretty cool”.