Chesea Cayetano sits on her front porch. (Nancy Remoll)
Chesea Cayetano sits on her front porch.

Nancy Remoll

Q & A: Chelsea Cayetano

May 18, 2020

What are you planning on doing after Wando?

After Wando, I plan on taking a year off and continuing with my modeling career. I signed with BMG Atlanta in January, to be a lifestyle mode for commercials and print work l. After that, I do want to go to Winthrop, majoring in biomedical sciences and minor in art. 

What are some of your favorite memories from high school?

When Drake Bell came to the school. I was on the bus heading home his car was right next to mine. I have a video of my friend recording his car right next to me. That was a really good memory. Doing Powder Puff is something I will remember, being able to set up and organize something everyone shows up to, that is really cool. 

What are some highlights from the Student Council that are memorable to you?

When all of us are inside the classroom the week of a major event when we are working very hard, that is something I will always remember. It just shows how responsible and how much we are leaders no matter how old we are, which I think is so cool. And even if there is something that isn’t for Student Council, they can help you with it, which is something I will always remember.

How do you think your teachers and friends will remember you from your time at Wando?

I think they will remember me as a very outgoing, nice person. All of my teachers have been very memorable, and they have all taught me life lessons about time management and being responsible. All of my teachers have enforced those things and helped [grow] me as a person.

What people have impacted you the most throughout high school?

My mom, I feel like, has taught me how to handle situations better in high school. I have always had people pick on me or bother me, and I used to let it get to me. She has taught me how it won’t matter after high school, and to do what you need to do to get out of high school. 

Mr. [Assistant Pricinpal Jason] Dayton has been another person who has impacted me. He is always there and always checking on me, making sure I’m getting my work done. If something is not right, he will call me into his office to make sure it is okay and everything is straight.

What is the most important thing you have learned during your high school career?

I think it has been a lot of little things, not just one big thing, which has formed me into an adult. 

How have you changed over the four years of high school?

I definitely have become more outgoing. I have always been [partially] outgoing, but I also wanted to just fit in and hang out with certain people, but after a while I learned to not just hang with one friend group because there are many people you don’t know. I’ve learned to get out of my shell, to go up to people and start talking more and being more social. Wando has definitely helped me with that, putting me up in the front field since the first day of ninth grade. 

How do you feel about graduating?

I’m kind of sad that I don’t get to walk the stage, but I think we are supposed to, I just don’t know when. But I’m excited, I have always wanted to get a cord, and I have one cord for Arts and Humanities. 

If you could tell yourself anything at your freshman orientation, what would you tell yourself?

I would tell myself to take your classes seriously. Freshman year I didn’t take my classes very seriously, and as time went on I was just tired. I was at a point when people were bothering me and I was tired of high school and was about to drop out. I would just tell myself to push through it, and people are irrelevant once you get out of school, and it doesn’t matter. 

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