A closer look at the Netflix original ‘Disenchantment’

September 18, 2018

The relatively new Netflix original series, Disenchantment, aired on Aug 17. The director Matt Groening, enters into the Netflix arena, after drawing for shows like “Futurama”, according to New York Times.

‘Disenchantment’ is captivating entertainment

“A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar” was all that was needed to make me click on that first episode in search of a punchline. Before I knew it, I had watched five hours of this random cartoon I found on Netflix.
    Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve definitely at least heard of The Simpsons. Its creator, Matt Groening, brings another animated comedy to the small screen: Disenchantment. The concept of the show – a cartoon set in medieval times – isn’t exactly enchanting, but Groening manages to make it work with a combination of fantasy, sarcasm, and dark humor.

    The show centers around teenage Princess Tiabeanie, known as Bean throughout the show, and her misadventures with her friends Elfo, a worrisome Elf in search of a different life, and the witty and sarcastic demon Luci. Bean is constantly getting into trouble in Dreamland, the medieval town ruled by her father King Zøg, played by John DiMaggio.

While their lives may not be typical of teenagers in the real world today, they still capture the essential elements of being carefree and, to be honest, dumb when it comes to hanging out with friends as a teenager.

    Disenchantment may not be life changing, but all 10 episodes of part one are entertaining enough to make you keep watching. Each episode is unique, yet maintains a consistent plot line that spans throughout the entire season.

The release date of part two has not been confirmed yet, but the first season’s cliffhanger ending definitely has viewers impatiently waiting to see what happens next.

If you have nothing to do this weekend or are looking for a new show to binge, check out Disenchantment.

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‘Disenchantment’ disappoints its audidence

After binging Matt Groening’s new Netflix TV show “Disenchantment,” I couldn’t believe how much time I wasted.

“Disenchantment” was setup to become another “Simpsons” or “Futurama” upon its release exclusively on Netflix. I was extremely excited to see the animator’s new hit series. Being a fan of “Futurama” and having many fond memories of “The Simpsons,” I binged the whole thing over a weekend.

After finishing the first season, a total of only 10 episodes, I realized it was not worth the time spent.

The show’s jokes and characters don’t compare to any of the previous shows Groening created.

The jokes still hold some resemblance to the jokes in other Groening shows, yet this just constantly fell flat. Some jokes were even used multiple times and just felt overused and tired. Some jokes were terribly done and barely made sense as to why the writers felt like they should’ve included it.

Despite countless characters in “The Simpsons,” I can still name more than I can name from this show. I had trouble remembering the names of the three main characters, yet “Futurama” was able to create seven characters in perfect fashion. None of the characters in “Disenfranchisement” felt fleshed out, and even when one of the main characters was killed off, I didn’t care at all.

The writers were terrible at creating relatable and memorable characters even with more funding from Netflix.

The show even took a different turn than most animated shows by creating a season-long story to try to create some kind of connection with characters. But the season-long story itself was okay at best as the entire story felt slow and boring until a climax that barely made any sense.

The show was only watchable, but it’s difficult to understand why the show failed like it did. Maybe because Groening worked with Netflix instead of Fox who helped him create “The Simpsons” and “Futurama.” Maybe it was because he didn’t bring back many of the writers from previous shows.

I doubt Groening will be able to redeem the show, but I know that I won’t watch another season of this.

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