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(From left to right) Junior Koby Hall, senior Brooke Mackenzie, and junior Larsyn Vandermast

Becoming Frightening: A Look Into The Fright Night Actors’ Experience

Boone Hall’s annual horror nights returns this Halloween season and encompasses four fear-filled attractions including The Farmhouse, The Clearing, The Corn and The Woods. The Haunted Farm theme and itś new corn maze filled with jump scares, allows actors’ creativity to shine and make Boone Hallś Fright Nights what all the rumors have said it is this year. Juniors Koby Hall and Larsyn Vandermast, students of Wando theatre, work part-time at this thrilling attraction in order to further their acting experience. While, senior Brooke Mackenzie acquired this part-time job to fulfill her lifelong dream of working at Fright Night.

Brooke Mackenzie
Larsyn Vandermast
Koby Hall

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