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April 22, 2020

Two months ago I would’ve never thought I’d be so crushed by this. Two months ago I was excited that finally, I was almost done with high school. There are so many things I wish I would’ve done two months ago.

 I wish I wouldn’t have taken for granted seeing my classmates, teachers and closest friends every day. I wish I would’ve truly enjoyed that last morning sitting in my friend’s car, waiting for the 8:20 bell. I wish I could’ve said my goodbyes before walking out of school on that Friday. Who could’ve known that would be our last moment?

I remember being a little girl and dreaming of my senior year. Between high school musical and every Taylor Swift song ever written, I envisioned my senior year being this magical, life-changing time in my life.

Even in middle school, I remember going to see Cabaret, and making it my life’s goal to be in Wando Show Choir. All I wanted was to wear that red sparkly dress and dance to “Love Shack” on that PAC stage. My junior year, I watched my dear, senior friends begin to tie up all their loose ends: soaking up those final moments of high school and pleading that I do the same when my senior year comes around. They would say, “Enjoy high school while you are still here because before you know it, it’s all over.” I tried so hard to follow their advice. I wanted to enjoy it all — to not miss out on anything.

I wanted to enjoy it all — to not miss out on anything.

— Emma Martin

Yes, I’m crushed. I’m crushed that this is how it will all end. Even though this is all so painful, more than anything, I couldn’t handle watching a senior class make the mistake of missing out on these memories. So class of ‘21, class of ‘22, and even class of ‘29, don’t feel bad for us — learn from us.

You will see us hurting and you might even think we are overreacting, but I promise you when your senior year rolls around you will understand. Don’t let your senior year end like ours. Treasure the time you have together, make memories, do it all. When you’re at your final pep rally, cheer as loud as you can. When you’re at your senior prom, go crazy and dance even if no one else is. When the second semester hits and your only motivation is that you are almost done with school, choose to enjoy those last days. 

Above all else, I hope you don’t wish away your time in high school by focusing on everything that lies ahead of you. I know, it’s exciting to dream about your future, but that time will come. Once you walk out those doors, it’s over. 

So instead of feeling sorry for the class of 2020, when it’s your senior year, take advantage of every little thing. Don’t miss a single second. Finish your high school career the right way. 

Do it for yourself — and for us. 

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    Charlie RohaleyApr 23, 2020 at 1:34 PM

    Absolutely remarkable Emma! So proud!