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How to get access to new reading material

April 24, 2020

It’s entirely possible that you did not already have an emergency stockpile of unread books before the COVID-19 panic started, like I did. If that’s the case, fear not! There are still plenty of ways to get your hands on new reading material.

  • Buy a physical copy: Believe it or not, Barnes and Noble is still open last I checked. However, as much as I love reading, even I can admit that it’s not exactly “necessary.” Unless you have a specific reason, it would probably be best to avoid bookstores for now. But if you’re the type that isn’t satisfied without the feeling of paper between your fingers, you can also order books online. 
  • Books app: This is pre-installed on iPhones, though it’s entirely possible you’ve never opened it before. It’s an orange icon with an open book. There are all kinds of books on this, from favorites to little known titles you’ll never find in most bookstores. Surprisingly, there’s a bunch of free content on here too– often the first books of lesser-known series, though I’ve even found entire series free. 
  • Audible app: If audiobooks are your thing, this app might be something to look at. It has a huge collection of books, including most of the popular titles you’d find in a bookstore. There are even an assortment of books available only through this app. However, after the first book and a complimentary one every month, you have to buy everything. 
  • Libby app: This one’s my favorite. It functions basically the same as a physical library– except you can check out books right from your couch. Naturally, everything is free. I’m cheap– well, let’s call it frugal — so I’m happy to take advantage of that. You can get both audiobooks and normal ebooks this way. Two downsides, though. One, it ties to your library card, so if you don’t already have one you’re out of luck. And two, there are a limited number of books to be checked out just like an actual library, so if the book you want to read is really popular you may have to wait a few weeks.





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