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Ailsa Lewis

Marguerite Petersiem and Greyson Webb work together on the Legend Yearbook.

Marguerite Peterseim

Hours and hours of work spent to create one book filled with student life and events.

It’s what senior Marguerite Peterseim helped create — the Legend yearbook for 2018-2019.

“When I first got into yearbook, I didn’t know much about it. I didn’t even know they met during school. But Faith [Dutton] really wanted to be editor-in-chief, and I thought, that sounds fun, maybe I could do that,” Peterseim said. “I was pushing for it for awhile and I started to really want it because I saw Sophie, my editor-in-chief during my sophomore year, and she was probably the coolest person I’d ever met.”

Peterseim has served as a student life designer her sophomore year and student life editor her junior year.

Being co-editor is a big position, but the time and effort were worth it to Peterseim.

“I’ve loved my experience, it was really stressful for a bit, but looking back on it I wouldn’t have wanted to do anything else on yearbook. Having something that’s mine and Greyson’s [co-editor Webb], that we have a vision for and that we could actually make happen has been really cool,” she said.

Creating a unique yearbook unlike any other is a big accomplishment Peterseim believes.
“I’m going to look back on it for the rest of my life and be like, I did that,” she said.

As her time in yearbook is coming to an end, Peterseim said she is thankful for the time and experience that yearbook has given her.

“I have definitely found that I like to lead people, rather than follow what other people tell me to do,” she said. “I’d rather help people find what they love to do and I like to see people passionate about what they like to do.”

Marguerite plans to attend Clemson University in the fall with a major of Language and International Health.

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