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November 18, 2019

The Wando Adventure Club is not a club with many meetings but instead field trips into the wilderness.

With science teachers Kevin Sneed and Diane Krishon as the advisors, the Adventure Club, the club take a variety of field trips such as camping, hiking and white water rafting throughout the year.

“We allow a lot of built-in time to hang around the campfire,” Sneed said. “That’s kinda the goal to socialize and make a big Wando smaller.”

The trips are planned ahead of time to be as flexible as possible.

“We have a set schedule, Mr Sneed and I meet right kind of at the time school starts in August, we put each trip in each month whenever the two of us are available, so by that time we have the entire year planned out. It makes the kids easier to plan out with work schedules and whatever,” Krishon added.

The students who join are then able to figure out which trips they might want to go on and can plan ahead of time.

After the first meeting new members usually take a trip to get to know the teachers and how things work.

“The whole point of those first meetings are to get aware about what is Wando Adventure Club, we introduce them to those four or five main trips and tell them how we’re gonna communicate with them and then from there it’s kinda their role to come sign up for the trips,” Sneed said. “We put a blast out in our remind system two weeks before every trip.”

The advisors try to keep the trips as low-budget as possible for the students.

“It’s first come first serve, money holds your spot. The trips are not a lot of money. We try to limit it to $15, a lot of them are $15, one is $30,” Krishon said. “Then we’ve got two big ones which are between $200 and $300.”

The club opens doors for students and the teachers themselves in different ways as to encounter new experiences that they might not have had the opportunity to before.

“Within the club there’s probably a 100 people and different people go on different trips. The people that go on every trip is like a little family,” junior Ella Grant said. “It’s a really cool experience and its people you are so comfortable around and you get to do these fun things like camping and hiking and paddleboarding as a way to get outside.”

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