Lucca Ferreira sits on his porch. (Nancy Remoll)
Lucca Ferreira sits on his porch.

Nancy Remoll

Q & A: Lucca Ferreira

May 19, 2020

How did you decide on Queens University?

So I was looking for a very good college where my academics would be appreciated and where soccer would be a big thing. I had kind of a tryout with Queens, and when I went there I fell in love with the school and the people there. It’s kind of like a small school, like I can really make close relationships.

What’s your best memory from high school?
Definitely winning the state championship with the soccer team. It was the best feeling I’ve ever  had.

What are some of your favorite moments and highlights with Wando soccer?

Every game, it was a challenge. Every practice we focused. That whole road to the state final was like a whole other season, and I think that was the highlight of soccer for me.

How do you think people will remember you?
I wasn’t a very good student, but I was a very good friend. I was never that student that studied super hard, but I always had relationships with my teachers. I think that’s what they’ll remember me by.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned from Wando?

That making relationships is the most important thing… Being a people person is more important than studying.

How do you feel about graduating and moving on to the next stage?
Of course I’m sad that we don’t get graduation and prom was cancelled, but the school is doing whatever it can to make it the best possible. But it does suck, and I do feel sad.

What is the difference you’ve seen living in America after sixth grade versus living in Brazil?

Everything… like you might not think it’s different, but it’s a whole new world, like here and Brazil… We don’t use computers there much… it was a big change for me and I’m just glad that I’m here. The education here is very different. I’m glad my parents gave me this opportunity to get my education.

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