Rohaley wins homecoming court. (Provided)
Rohaley wins homecoming court.


QnA: Charley Rohaley

November 21, 2020



What are three words you would use to describe yourself?


“I feel like I am really determined when it comes to work, school work and achieving success. I am a really friendly person, I love to be around people–I am just that kind of guy. Communication is one of the things I am great at, public speaking. Another great one is humor, I think I have a great sense of humor. That is one of my main personality traits, what people find interesting about me.”


What are you most passionate about in life?


“I am really passionate about my family, my family is what has brought me here today. If it’s not for my family I would not be in this position in life. They have been a true advocate for me my whole life. I am also passionate about my skill of public speaking. You know I can go in front of a crowd and say some words without breaking a sweat.” 


What motivated you to run for Homecoming King?


“So nothing really motivated me, I kind of just got nominated, and I was like okay why not just try and get the crown, and that is just what happened. People just put my name down and that means something to me because I made an impact on someone’s life and they remembered me so that means a lot to me. That people think of me in that way.” 


What was the most rewarding part of being elected Homecoming King?


 “Just to spend that time with my family and friends and just the whole student body. My grandmother came down from Greenville to escort me and that was a wonderful moment to share with her. The rest of my family was there and I got to share that moment with them and with friends and the rest of the student body–I mean, that feeling is like no other. To have this opportunity and to be appointed from the rest of the student body is a tremendous thing. I really appreciate that and I am just really honored.” 


What are you involved with at Wando and why do you do them?


“I am on the Wando Sailing team, I have been since the freshman year and been sailing since the first grade. It is just something I like to do after school and enjoy. I am in the Stem Club, AP Academy, Key Club, Wandothon executive board, I mean the list can go down but I am in some extracurriculars and that’s that. I like to spend my time helping out the school. To help the school out for the better, I want to serve the school and do what I can.” 


What inspires you to work hard each day?


 “Something my grandfather told me back in the days about being successful, taking that into tact everyday of my life forward from then, how to handle life and be a gentleman everyday. To be a true gentleman, a man should dress British, think Yiddish, and talk Southern. You may not know what that means but it means a lot to me and my family. Another quote my great great grandfather told me is that  ‘it can be done’ and that means a lot to me because it is like anything can be done you just have to put a little work and thought into it.” 


What is your favorite part of Wando?


“The teachers. My elementary experience was awful. The teachers treated me like crap. Middle school was okay. I came to Wando and the teachers were just so welcoming. It was a better environment for me, I felt like I was at home and was learning. The teachers knew what they were doing. Just a great environment.” 


What do you love in life?


“My family. That goes back to where I am today. I wouldn ́t be here, I would not be as confident without them encouraging me. Family is the most important, the people who look after you and you can talk to you know.” 


Who is your biggest role model and why?


 “My grandfather, Charles Hill Macbe Junior. He has taught me everything about being a gentleman, a man, how to live your life, how to treat a lady, and that is what I base my life off of. One day I hope to be like him.” 


How have you grown as a person during your high school years?


“I came here Freshman year and I was like, what is going on. Freshman year is weird and odd. Overall I have grown academically, I mean everyone does over the years. I think I have learned how to be more professional in life and go beyond where we are in high school. After we graduate we are going into the real world, so how to deal with that. Senior year, your teachers no longer spoon feed you. I have also gotten much closer to the community.” 


What is the best memory you have made in High school?


 “Freshman year, we all took english class–I had Ms. Drayton. We were all doing the Odyssey project. We had to either make posters or some kind of food–something like that. I was like Ms. Drayton, can I do something different? Can I dress up as Zeus or Poseidon or something like that? She was like okay, let’s see it. Presentation day comes around and I walk into class the next day and I walk into class with a trident, a beard and all of this stuff going on, and I present. That was a cool feeling as well because everyone was so surprised, and from that point on that is when everyone thought of me as Charlie Rohaley. That is when everyone knew I enjoyed public speaking and it was like a turning point. It showed who I was going to be. Not just someone who dresses up in costumes, but someone who enjoys getting in front of groups and public speaking. That was just the beginning of my high school career.” 


What makes you you?


“My grandfather. I know that ties into the other question but I am named after him. He was such an impact on my life. He taught me so much about being successful. I am just trying to continue his legacy throughout life. Because what he taught me I think most people need to know. He gave me life lessons. I am humbled to have that.”


How do you go about treating others?


“I treat others like professionals. My freshman year, one of the first things my teacher said was to treat people like professionals. Not your close friends and what not but you know. Something else my Grandfather said is to kill people with kindness. You kill them with kindness and you win them over. It is stuff like that, you want people to treat you great, then treat other people great”

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