Senior shout outs: Tamela Watkins

It has been my pleasure to be the Tribal Tribune adviser for 35 years. (OK, the first year it was called the Renegade – but same thing.) This has been an incredible journey, with many wonderful student journalists and lots of adventures.

This staff will always hold a special place in my heart – especially these seniors. We’ve had a remarkable time together – a lot of laughing, a lot of cheering, and a lot of crying. (Usually I say here that I’m the one that’s done the crying, but this year, there are a lot of people in competition for Crier in Chief.)

What makes my heart the happiest are not the awards or the recognition that the staff has achieved, but the fact that they are a family, albeit one that sometimes fights but always ultimately comes back together to be one loving unit. I appreciate their talent, their desire to achieve, and their perseverance so much – as well as all the food they shared with me over the year.

Just so all the students will know, this is what this group has achieved this school year:

  • Best in State from South Carolina Scholastic Press Association
  • Scroggins Award winner (best in Southeast for newsprint) from Southern Interscholastic Press Association
  • All-Southern Award from Southern Interscholastic Press Association
  • All-Southern Award from Southern Interscholastic Press Association for online /
  • Silver Crown from Columbia Scholastic Press Association
  • All-American Award from National Scholastic Press Association
  • 10th place (fall) and 8th place (spring) for Best in Show for tabloids 17 pages+ from National Scholastic Press Association
  • 5th place (fall) and 7th place (spring) for Special Sections from National Scholastic Press Association

These awards are accompanied by numerous individual awards.

I want to take a minute to recognize each of our seniors with just a little bit about what makes them remarkable.

Eva Chillura, Co-Editor in Chief
Ted Fairchild, Co-Editor in Chief
Emma Martin, Associate Editor
Jill Hethcox, Co-Design Editor
Megan Wooters, Co-Design Editor
Rosemary Delamater, Co-Writing Editor
Aaron Rothkopf, Creative Director
Nancy Remoll, Photography Editor
Peyton Raybon, Sports Editor
Hana Donnelly, Co-Website Editor
Alexis Perry, Co-Website Editor
Allison Hipes, Business Manager
Joey Watts, Co-Graphics Editor
Abrielle Zelek, Co-Graphics Editor
Hunter Musi, Content Editor
Caroline Brown, staff designer
Shea Carroll, staff writer
Marissa Coll, staff writer
Harry Carson, staff photographer
Grace Denny, staff photographer
Gabe Jones, staff designer
Patrick Lady, staff writer
Akshay Patwardhan, staff writer
Sebastiano Ronchi, staff writer
Isabella Spuler, staff writer
Gabrielle Villacres, staff writer
Dominik Zelek, staff writer

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