Thats debatable: are tickets worth the price?

March 3, 2023

Jordan:  Over $1,000 for a nosebleed ticket cannot be justified no matter who the artist is. Musicians only make money because of their fans. If no one was buying their music, merch, and concert tickets they would most likely be broke.

So when these artists make their tickets $500 a piece it raises a lot of anger within the fans. Many people are spending their rent on tickets or their student loans to go and see their favorite artists. For those who can’t spend that kind of money, they miss out on an experience that everyone should get a chance to have. Live music has become such a luxury that most people have yet to experience even once. Concert tickets used to be from $15-$45 on average which is why if you ask your parents if they have been to concerts most of them will say yes and that they’ve even seen some of their favorite artists. And I think it’s just ridiculous that we can’t get those same experiences.

Emory:  Not all of ticket revenue goes directly to the artist. Promoters like Ticketmaster and LiveNation get a large percentage, and the rest is being used to pay security, the band, the dancers, the crew, and the artist. Everyone that contributes to the tour deserves to be paid for their work, and concert revenue is how that happens.

The artist also has to pay to rent the venue, has to transport the people and equipment needed to perform, and pay for any damage that may occur to multi-million dollar equipment. It’s unrealistic to expect an artist to pay out of pocket for all of that so that you can get cheaper tickets, because that’s what would have to happen.

Also, it’s a matter of supply and demand. There is only one person that can perform as that specific artist, and the price is a reflection of that. You are buying the experience and the name attached to it. Enough people value the performance to be the set price, or tickets wouldn’t sell out so fast. They are part of the problem, but even bots and resellers are doing what they do because they know that people will pay for them.

 No one can tell whether or not the person buying the tickets is going to resell them on the market, and the promoter of the tickets should be the one responsible for that, not the artist. Ticket pricing isn’t perfect, but it’s relatively reasonable for the content of modern concerts, and any extra cost is probably the result of inflation. Everything, including concert tickets, costs more now. Do I think that concert tickets should cost hundreds of dollars? No, but it makes sense why they do, especially if you want the crew to receive a livable wage and everyone, including the artist, to be compensated for their talent. 


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