Ryan Richards passes off the ball. (Karson Powers)
Ryan Richards passes off the ball.

Karson Powers

That’s debatable: College sports

December 14, 2020


With the growth of the Covid-19 pandemic, college sports have become a highly debatable topic.

Pro College Sports

If college football can accomplish playing during a pandemic, why can’t college basketball?

College sports including football and basketball are big money making opportunities for large schools that get large media attention. 

With this attention, the idea of not being able to play basketball is no different than the idea of bringing college football back, over the summer.

As professional sports could somewhat handle the start of sports such as football and basketball, the NBA’s bubble is something that college basketball organizations have copied and proposed to allow for the playing of games and a thought of a normal season.

The idea of a normal season is out of the door with colleges already announcing fans won’t be able to watch certain games. 

The players safety seems to be another problem, with being indoors allowing spreading of the virus more easily. However, many college programs haven’t let their players leave the bubble within their campus and have been practicing policies well before other students have stepped on campus.

These policies have been shown effective within the NBA so why should college basketball programs’ seasons be cut due to similar concerns?

Anti College Sports

Thanksgiving Break is days away, and colleges all around the country are quarantining. Students are missing out on their prime college years because of Covid-19.

So what makes sports any different?

Starting next month, college basketball will make a smashing return. Athletes from all over the nation will be right next to each other, playing in close quarters and spreading the virus.

Hundreds of players are at risk.

College sports are undeniably entertaining. And there are plenty of precautions that protect athletes from spreading the disease. Empty stands, bubbles, and temperature checks.

But these methods aren’t traditionally very effective. In July alone, during the height of the pandemic in the US,  25 NBA basketball players all were diagnosed with Covid. 

Even with all of these precautions, players are still at risk. Shutting down the sports for a little bit could improve sports in the long term. 

Covid has been reaching levels that we hadn’t seen for months. Colleges have been barring students from leading their lives.

We all have had to make sacrifices to avoid spreading the disease when it doesn’t have to be.

So what makes sports any different?


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That’s debatable: College sports