Week 3: Laurel Maynor tennis

November 1, 2019

How has tennis shaped your life?

“I have been playing since I was really little and it’s been something I can always fall back and I just love playing it…I have practice every single day after school for two hours.”

Why do you play tennis?

“So I can be active and I really enjoy playing. I have been playing for so long it has become something I just do. My dad is a tennis pro and my mom played in college so they definitely influenced me to start.”

How’s your season going so far?

“We have won almost all of our matches and we are in our second round of playoffs now so it is going really well.”

What’s your favorite memory regarding tennis?

“Well, when I was little, my dad used to put me in the ball cart and push me around the courts and sometimes put my friends in there with me. That’s just like one of my earliest memories, it reminds me of how it all started.”

What is your family’s history with tennis?

“My parents played, and my grandparents and my dad owns an academy now and my mom played in college so it goes really far back in my family.”

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