11 Reasons Why Books are Better Than People 

October 25, 2019

1.Books have better humor

Books always seem to have better jokes and sarcasm than your friends. Everyone in the books always has a witty response ready and no joke is ever answered with crickets. 

2. Books teach you valuable lessons without hurting you. 

When you read a book, you learn valuable life lessons. You don’t have to go through the long, heart-wrenching process of making a mistake and trying to fix it. You can just read about it. 

3. Books don’t judge you. 

Even if your face is covered with pimple cream and it looks like a flock of pigeons took shelter in your hair, books will never judge you. They won’t take pictures to spread around the internet or tease you about your fuzzy pink robe. They will simply be there for. 

4. Books relieve stress that people induce. 

Books are like a less expensive therapist. They are always there for you when you need a distraction and they don’t even ask questions. You don’t have to worry about it nagging you to do your homework or finish your chores. 

5. Books take you to a different world. 

If you ever want to travel to a faraway place for cheap, all you have to do is pick up a book. You get to go a different world for about $12. You don’t have to convince your mom to take a road trip across the country and then listen to her complain about money, expense and time management. You can travel without all the hassle.

6. Books don’t need attention. 

You get to choose how much attention you give a book. When you don’t read for a couple of days, you don’t get desperate texts asking, “when can you hang out again?” or “why are you avoiding me?” You don’t even have to come up with nonsense excuses that even a rat wouldn’t believe. 

7. Books can go everywhere.

Books can come with you everywhere, unlike people. You can take it on a road trip, in the bathroom and even to your job. You can’t take your friends these places without money, being looked at oddly and being fired.

8. Books don’t talk back. 

You can argue with a book and you will always win. You get to give all your opinions and feelings out without listening to it tell you that you’re wrong or spending 30 minutes out of your day just to prove a point to something close minded. 

9. Books make you smart. 

Reading a book will fill your head with new vocabulary and life lessons. You gain much more knowledge reading a 100-page book then you would be listening to a teenage boy talk for 100 hours — unless you want to learn how to waste your time playing Fortnite or eating two large pizzas.

10. Books don’t press charges.

When you read a book, sometimes you just want to throw it across the room while crying or set it on fire just to watch it slowly burn. You probably won’t, but the option is always there because you won’t have any consequences. But the chance of you getting away with throwing a person across the room and lighting him or her on fire is very slim.

11.Books don’t need plans.

With books, you never have to worry about planning ahead of time or getting permission from your parents. You can just pick it up and start reading without all the stress. 

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