Tribal Tribune

2020-2021 Staff

Karson Powers

Karson is a second year staffer and is the Co-Website Editor. Karson spends her time either sleeping or laughing at Among Us tik toks. She is a ginger physically and at heart. Karson tends to blow through her entire paychecks on either food or her gym membership, that she only goes to twice a month.

Bailey Young

Bailey Young is second year staffer and Co-Design Editor. Bailey is also a varsity cheerleader. She loves her daily Chick-fil-a runs, surfing with her boyfriend, and spending time with her amazing and beautiful best friend, Alli Ryan.

Ben Allen

Ben Allen is a second year staffer and is Co-Design Editor. Ben's number one priority in life is his honeybun sugarplum girlfriend. Ben looks up to his prodigy sister, although the shoes she left for Ben to fill, make Ben's feet look like a size three. Ben's favorite pastime is absolutely shredding the gnar and racking up quadrouple- doubles.

Henry Howell

Henry Howell is a second year staffer and is the Creative Director. Henry enjoys the finer things in life: Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite. Henry's hobbies include buying skins and spending his weekends with a nice book. Henry wishes he had more time to pursue Civil War reenactments. Henry wishes he was a year younger so he could fill in Graham McAlister's shoes.

Graham McAlister

Graham McAlister is a third year staffer and is Co-Editor in Chief. Outside of school, Graham enjoys surfing and taking photos around Charleston. He plans to pursue a career in environmental engineering.

Audrey Kelly

Audrey Kelly is a third year staffer and is Co-Editor in Chief. Audrey loves to spend her days binging Harry Potter and dreaming about Draco Malfoy. She hangs out with her girlfriend 24/7 and enjoys writing sad stories.

Hannah Flint

Hannah Flint is a second year staffer and is a Co-Associate Editor. Hannah loves Ariana Grande more than her family. She likes to randomly sing songs while working and says "period" at the end of every sentence.

Luke Wallace

Luke Wallace is second year staffer and Co-Website Editor. Luke enjoys running and spending time at the beach.

Andy Comire

Andy Comire is a third year staffer and is the Copy/Ads Editor. Andy is an eclectic costume designer who enjoys stargazing, wasting copious amounts of money on video games, and crying over the lack of sweet tarts in Wando's vending machines.

George Bagwell

George is a second year staffer and Co-Sports Editor with an unhealthy obsession for South Carolina basketball. Standing at 5'8, George is destined to write about sports, not play them.

Alli Ryan

Alli Ryan is a second year staffer and writing Editor. She likes extreme organizing, iced coffee, and trashy reality tv.

Mia Rankin

Mia Rankin is a second year staffer, Co-Associate Editor, and a lover of all things reading, writing and pasta.

Wils Browning

Wils Browning is a second year staffer and is Co-Sports Editor. He is a young prodigy. Gifted in both looks and intelligence, Browning is the full package. He loves hooping at Skyzone and playing 5-star Fifa.

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