“13 Reasons Why” is Heavy and Raw with Meaning

13 Reasons Why is Heavy and Raw with Meaning

Lexa Garian, Staff Writer

13 Reasons Why. The tv show that, if you haven’t seen for yourself, probably has you asking just that question: why?


Why is there so much hype about it? Why have I seen 352 memes of unrealistic looking sophomores/juniors and “spoiler alerts” all over twitter? Why are so many people compromising their grade on important tests and exams in order to binge watch this show in one night? Who even is Bryce and why should I hate him?


Although I am not a meme poster or ending spoiler, I did spend a portion of my Spring Break binge watching this show over the course of three days, and can confidently say I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my time any other way.  


In all honesty, I read the novel by Jay Asher years ago and loved it. But, I would be lying if I said that I immediately researched when there would be a Netflix series made based on that novel. In fact, I didn’t expect one at all. A wonderful surprise.


The simple answer to the why’s? The message behind the 13, hour-long episodes.


13 Reasons Why follows the hardships and events that shaped the life of the “new girl” at Liberty High School Hannah Baker, who ended her life after a series of cruel events that became all too much for her. An accurate portrayal of the events that happen at most high schools today, which captivated and hits close to home forthw show’s audience.Hannah left behind 13 tapes, beginning each one speaking about the person the major event involved, details of the event, and how it affected her thereafter. Each a reason why she decided to end her life. Her high school experience told through these tapes, while at the same time giving us insight on the life of those that came in and out of Hannah’s. High school is notoriously known as a tough four years for a lot of people, but it was more than that for Hannah Baker. For her, it was unbearable. And it is truly painful to listen to her struggles through each episode.


Suicide, rape, depression, gossip. 13 Reasons Why highlights relevant topics in our society today that people have the tendency shy away from when we should be doing just the opposite.


The series isn’t light. It’s real. It’s heavy. It’s raw. It’s agonizing to watch at points. I had to put my computer away multiple times during those three days just to take a breather because I felt overwhelming physical pain in my chest or shed too many tears. But that is what makes the show so beautiful and so very important.
Bottom line? Always show people kindness, you truly never know the demons someone may be struggling with; we all have them.