“1992” Gives Rap A New Meaning


Nathan Russell, Staff Writer

Right off the bat, The Game’s new album, “1992,” contains beautifully written rap structure.


As the name suggests, “1992” is an album that reminisces on events that occurred around the year 1992. Topics ranging from the OJ Simpson trial to the racially-based challenges of the Game’s everyday life are discussed throughout this album.


The Game discusses a wide assortment of stories include some about his family when he was growing up, and even a story about when he had to shoot one of his friends. Whether these stories are real or fake, the Game was able to transfer them into song form beautifully.  


Though this album exists in 2016, it opens up for comparison to the era of 2Pac and Ice Cube, another reason why the album has the name of “1992.”


“Savage Lifestyle” starts off with a news reporter talking about gang-related events and then goes on to talk about the violence between police and the black community. Throughout the listening experience, you can see just how powerful the Game renders this event. He’s able to express this power with almost all of the songs on the album album.


If rap is your thing, then this album is for you, for sure. Even if you don’t like Rap and enjoy a song that tells a good story, then this album could be for you.