LOUD is More Than a Band to High School Nation Performers

Nathan Russell, Staff Writer

From High School Nation, Loud, a band based from Atlanta sings to the students on Wed. Oct. 26.

Together, the band sings original music along with some covers. The four artists that make up Loud are all under the age of 17: Turner 17, Kirsten 14, Katie 16, and Timothee 16.

The artists that make up Loud started their love for music at a young age, “I started music as a kid, I always knew I wanted it to be a part of my life…in middle school I did a band studio and I knew after that I loved it”, said Turner

While on tour with High School Nation, travelling around the country with 25 tour stops, they take online classes to make up for missed school time.

These artists met at Engineering Arts, a performing arts school in Atlanta, each thinking they were going to be a solo artist.

“Eventually we were put together by a creative director, from there it really clicked we weren’t friends, but it was kind of like we had known each other forever,” Katie said.  

Their name means Live Out Ur Dreams and as a group, that is exactly what they are doing.