A challenging journey ahead

Senior plans to pursue unique path after graduation


Spending her life dedicated to sports, senior Zoë Carpenter never saw herself spending the next six years of her life in the AirForce, at least until later in her high school years.

“I always thought I’d be playing soccer or run track but I never really pictured myself actually doing it,” Carpenter said.

Surrounded by a family who works in the military, Carpenter felt supported in her decision to join the AirForce.

“They [are]very supportive, my whole family is very supportive. My dad’s side of the family and my mom’s is all military and so I think it’s a good option,” Carpenter said.

In order for Carpenter to start her journey in the Air Force, she had to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. The ASVAB test prepares adolescents all over the nation for joining the military by assessing what service branch and jobs would be the best fit for them.

“So the ASVAB scores you between a certain number and higher the number, the better, to have more options for different jobs,” Carpenter said.

The test helps participants get a head start on their careers by providing people to help enroll in the armed forces.

“And then you take the ASVAB, and then you get recruited by a recruiter. And you can choose whatever branch you want,” Carpenter said.

As for Carpenter’s results, her best fit was for aerospace medical services.“So I’ll get my nursing license, and my EMT license and all these different licenses,” Carpenter said.

To begin the process of her employment in the medical field, Carpenter plans to attend training and medical school across the country.

“So I’ll go to basic training in San Antonio, Texas for eight weeks and then I go to my med school, which is still in Texas and then I’ll get trained for my job,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter has the option of attending school for four or six years but believes it is most beneficial to go the full six years.

“You can either sign up for four or six years. I signed up for six because you go in as a higher rank,” Carpenter said.

Following her training, Carpenter will either return home or possibly get the opportunity to travel to begin her job.

“I’ll get deployed to either somewhere abroad or in state, but I’m hoping abroad,” Carpenter said.

Overall, Carpenter is most excited to test her limits and overcome obstacles that she will encounter.

“I’m looking forward to challenging myself; it’s gonna be very difficult,” Carpenter said.