All Shook Up Debut’s Thursday, Dec. 18


Julian Bateman

All Shook Up advertises through posters across Mount Pleasant

Rock and Roll, leather jackets, and poodle skirts are coming back — and for a brief time only.

The exciting and lively performance of “ALL SHOOK UP” performed by the Wando Theatre group brings a theatrical take on songs written by Elvis and others that are inspired by him.

A small midwestern town in the 1950s is disturbed by a mysterious stranger who brings the fun of dance and singing to the reserved environment. From there, romance blooms in a tomboy named Natalie as she attempts to catch the attention of the stranger who has brought color to the black and white town with the rebellious power and love of music.

Inspired to bring more dance and choreography into this year — compared to last year’s AIDA permonance — two-year teacher and theatre director Christine Cleary is excited for the change.
“We wanted something that still has ten leads but also having a lot for the ensemble too. This show has tons of dances, tons of group numbers,” Cleary said. “You know, dancing in the dance room or the black box is different compared to seeing it come all together on stage with costumes. I’m very sad, we have a lot of seniors this year so i’m definitely going to cry but i just love them.”

Led by Cleary and dance captain/sophomore Gillian Richard, senior Hannah Smith also looks forward to the high energy performance.

(As a feature dancer) “I really like our dances. Our big dance numbers have a lot of energy, and its just really fun to go on stage and kill it and then walk off,” Smith said. “You feel really good about yourself afterwards — it’s really fun.”

For some of the theatre group, this is their last performance in the PAC — such as senior Jah’Mar Coakley who has been actively a part of theatre since the sixth grade.

“I have lead, my character is Dennis. He is the main character’s best friend and he becomes the other main character’s side kick,” Coakley said. “I’m excited to be one stage for the last time in four years, I’m just really excited because this is my last actual performance on the PAC stage. I’m gonna miss it.”

“ALL SHOOK UP” will be showing for a limited time only. Starting Jan. 18-20th at 7pm and at 3pm on the 21st. Tickets are $7 for students and $12 for adults. They are available online at or at the door.