Ant-Man Quantumania: The Downfall of Marvel


 I really think this is it. This seals the deal. Marvel is falling off and people are growing tired of super hero movies. They don’t have the zing that they used to. “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” is the most recent Marvel film in their cinematic universe, and to be frank, it’s a little disappointing. There are some beautiful scenes, but this is immediately contrasted with some of the worst CGI ever to grace a Marvel film. The CGI is clear evidence of a continuing trend within Marvel Studios. A trend of overworking and not enough time to create truly beautiful visual effects. While the writing is subpar, like most recent movies in the franchise, with some genuinely awful acting from a few characters like Cassie portrayed by Kathryn Newton. And like the last few films in the MCU, there are some stand out moments for Jonathon Majors’ character Kang the Conqueror. Like Kang, an obvious stand out was Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, he genuinely brings the character to life, and is always  fun to watch him on screen. Whenever he’s on screen he steals the show, he alone makes it worth watching… if it was on Disney Plus. Paying full price for movie tickets just to see another disappointing showing from Marvel is not worth it.

Just like Kang, the setting and atmosphere is an absolutely welcome stand out. Unlike the rest of CGI within the film, the settings are actually done quite well. There’s some insane scenery with some absolutely breathtaking views at points. Unfortunately the writing and performances don’t always follow suit. The movie’s climactic battle is lighter on the CG and is honestly a good looking and well paced fight, apart from a few random jumpy shots. However, without spoiling anything, the final conflict was pointless, a character seemingly gets left behind, just to be picked right back up moments later. That left a sour taste in my mouth, the stakes were practically nonexistent and it made the impact feel more like a soft landing. I know a movie isn’t based on what it should have been, and instead what it is, but I really think the movie could have been infinitely better with a different conclusion. All of that being said, a future prospect of Quantumania will be that it sets up another possibly great arc for Marvel, however, it can be said that it’s also a possible detriment.

Like all Marvel films, there’s a super good idea behind all the rubbish, it’s clear this movie is underbaked and needed more time in the oven. Another year of planning and execution would have made this mediocre film a possible masterpiece.

Overall the movie is a bit lackluster in many areas, with a few standouts like Kang and, of course, Paul Rudd. The CGI is a clear sign of fatigue within the studio, and a few story beats just don’t hit like they should. “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” is a fun film to turn your brain off and watch, but it probably isn’t worth the price of admission. 

I hope to see Marvel take a change in their direction. Focusing on taking much longer on perfecting every little detail. Perfecting the CGI and making the writing hit as hard as it did like it was back in the first few phases of Marvel movies.