Week 3: Justin Pelic, Varsity Football

Alexis Perry, Assistant Website Editor

How has Football shaped your life?

“Well I mean since I was eight, I’ve been playing football, so I’ve gotten into that schedule, but also it teaches you discipline and helps you with time management and knowing what’s important… it just keeps your priorities straight.”

Why do you play Football?

“I mean definitely for the love of the game but then also through the love of the game and playing in high school and trying to work for a scholarship for college.”

How is your season going?

“It is going a lot better than I thought it would from the beginning. We have a really young team. We were just a little unsteady in the beginning, but the guys have been working really hard and coming out pretty strong”

What is your favorite memory from Football?

“I’d have to say sophomore year we played Summerville at home and went to five overtimes and then ended up winning in the fifth overtime. And that was awesome.”