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The student news site of Wando High School

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The student news site of Wando High School

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Artificial intelligence; good or bad?

The world and age of technology that we now live in is terrifying. We rely too much on the technology provided for us that human interaction has become limited. And I’ll admit, I’m glued to my phone all the time now, and as much as that scares me for my future and others, nothing brings more chills down my spine than Artificial Intelligence. 

I remember when Snapchat updated and added an AI bot pinned to the top of your screen to use. It’s just there. You can’t get rid of it. I waited so long until my phone forcefully updated the app that’s how much it freaked me out. You text it and it responds instantly with an answer to your question. 

I’ve seen people turn to it for relationship advice, homework answers, or to just have a conversation with it. A conversation like it’s a normal human interaction, helping you with your boyfriend troubles or writing essays for you. Creepy. Scary. Unsettling. 

AI is already taking over jobs. Since it can ‘do things better than humans’,  AI is replacing customer services, analyzing documents, and writing with little errors. Part of that sounds great; little mistakes, faster turnaround, but it’s just creepier. Something is doing a task so close to perfect- how is that not a little scary. 

How will we learn from mistakes if technology is doing it all for us? Where’s the experience we gain, the wisdom, the knowledge? All of that will be gone. Rather than taking a step back and seeing what problems it’s really creating, we as humans rely more and more on it. 

My biggest problem with AI is the reliance we’ve now had with it. It’s the first thing I hear when someone needs a quick answer. ‘Text your AI’. We lose so many skills when everything is just done for us through technology. Don’t even get me started on Chat GPT. Writing everything for you. We will never learn the needed skills because AI does it for us instantly. 

What happens to our critical thinking skills? Our human interactions? Our reputations, our lives? AI can create such realistic images of ourselves, regenerate words we never said, make us do something we never did. They are so realistic, so incredibly close to perfect, that knowing whether it’s fake or real is so hard to tell. That will ruin lives. It already has. And yet, we keep turning to AI. Keep using it like it won’t ruin our lives more. 

Like anything ever, AI could be good. Could. But I don’t think it will. Sure, it does have its perks, but we as the human race are never settled. We will just keep adding to it, making it more and more ‘perfect’ to fit  our basic everyday needs. 

Don’t get me wrong, the technology that we’ve created over the last few decades is incredible, and definitely has brought some good. However, I fear it will be our downfall. All those sci-fi movies are just the start. Our warnings. Unless something is seriously done, more regulations, anything, our lives will continue to change. Change for better or worse, and that’s up to us as people to decide.

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