Black History Month Assembly Aims to Honor the Past and Inspire the Future

Francesca Mathewes, Co-Editor in Chief

In an inspiring collection of dance, song, poetry and rich history, Wando students, led by Shirley Verma, presented the annual Black History Month assembly on Feb. 24

The assembly was structured around readings about prominent black figures in U.S history in order to both honor the past and express the hope and love that these leaders from the past inspire in the future.

“We need to appreciate those who were oppressed in the past,” junior Jayla Moss said. “In the future, I hope that all racist feelings and feelings of prejudice are gone. So far I think we’re doing better, but there’s still room for improvement.”

Moss presented the reading on Sojourner Truth, and read a poem by Truth that she finds particularly inspiring.

“Sojourner Truth was a very influential woman who knew what was right and what was wrong and fought for her rights as a woman,” she said. “I really love her speech because it really goes through your body. It shows that she’s not different from any other woman, despite the views about her race at the time.”

JROTC instructor Danielle McAdams also played a key role in the assembly, doing multiple musical performances as well as delivering a speech about being inspired by diversity to move towards a united future in America.

“I just hope someone else was inspired,” McAdams said. “I hope there was something that was done or said or done that helped someone to say, ‘You know what, am I really doing my best? Or can I do better?’ I just hope it helped someone be the best version of themselves.

“Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of racism and racist feelings out there, and unfortunately, it’s probably never going to end, because there’s always going to be hate,” she continued. “So we just have to continue to spread love, and keep fighting for that.”