Cookout and Student Councils Effort to Help MUSC Children Hospital


Luci Scholtens, Breaking News

Wando’s latest anticipating event has been Wando’s first ever Wando-Thon which is happening Feb. 3.

The event will help raise money for the construction of the new and improved Shawn Jenkins MUSC Children’s Hospital that will benefit the community around it.

Around the school, student engagement has been an uphill battle. During the second spirit week, all of the events that occur have always been about giving back to the community and fundraising for local institution.

In partnership to help fundraise the Shawn Jenkins MUSC Children’s Hospital, Wando’s student council member, Allie Senf came up with the idea of reaching out to local businesses for more support towards raising money. Fortunately, Cookout has agreed to help fundraise by giving 10% of their profit to this cause.

The new establishment of Cookout is a favorite for locals and recently has been wanting to establish a relationship with Wando. According to one of the student council members, the manager of Cookout has wanted to spread word around Wando for summer workers.

Allie Senf and a few other student council members are in hopes that this fundraising with Cookout will benefit student engagement.

“In recent numbers, it hasn’t been successful and schools around the state and even country, have raised 50,000 when the school has a student body of roughly 100 to 200.” A student council member said. “ Last year, Wando has made a low amount of money when our student body is around 4,000.”

On Wednesday, January 31st, 10% of the profit will go straight into help fund the construction for the MUSC Children’s Hospital, from 4:30 PM – 9:00 PM.

To find more information on how to help raise money for the MUSC Children’s hospital, visit