“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Is Coming Back Into Your Life


Lauren Insinger, Staff Writer

Bring together singing, dancing, dark satire, and drama, and you have the CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

We see Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom), terribly sad with her successful lifestyle in New York, move to West Covina, California to follow a late-teen love interest. Seemingly mundane with another heterosexual relationship and a girl pining for a guy she could never have, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” makes a turn for the best.

Meeting the rest of the cast, there’s so much diversity. Rebecca herself breaks out of the Jewish American Princess stereotype, the women are not stick thin, as a main female lead is a plus size woman, the men are gay and later one comes out as bisexual, there is Asian and Middle Eastern representation, mentions of sexuality acceptance and gender inequality makes this show by far the most versatile I’ve seen in a awhile.

But alongside the wide variety of characters, they all have one thing in common: beautiful singing voices. Songs like “Settle for Me,” “Face Your Fears,” “I’m the Villain in My Own Story,” and “I Give Good Parent” range from funny to introspective and have the sound capabilities of a Broadway smash hit. They span genres from country to rap to pop to ballads, making it a show that everyone can find interest in.

Characters also face existential crises like sexism, anti-sentimentalism, acceptance from peers and parents, and also body acceptance. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is anything but one-dimensional.

But where “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” drove me crazy was the love triangle (sometimes square or pentagon, there’s so much jealousy). Sometimes you’re rooting for Rebecca, then Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III), back to Rebecca, then Greg (Santino Fontana), and Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) at other times. You’re rooting for those that were deemed good at first and then bad and vice versa — its what makes the initial premise of one relationship so complicated.

The upcoming second season of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” will be a must-see. The show’s big and passionate fan base love the dynamic characters, outbursting musical numbers and deem “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” a quirky and lovable comedy that will go on for seasons to come.