Creed II is a great sequel to the original film

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Mackenzie Neirduffy, Website Production Team

Creed II . . . well, of course you need to go see this movie. Granted, this movie review is being done by a girl who was born in Philadelphia and has joined in her father’s footsteps of watching the Philadelphia sports teams year after year. When you are a Philadelphia native, you are indoctrinated into the Rocky Balboa legacy and the sights of the “City of Brotherly Love.” You run up the stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum with the Rocky theme song pounding in your earbuds and raise your arms triumphantly as Rocky did in the first movie dedicated to the underdog boxing legend.

So I went to see Creed II…and I wasn’t disappointed.

Creed II is the sequel to the 2015 film Creed. It follows Adonis Johnson, son of Apollo Creed from Rocky and current heavyweight champion, as he attempts to fight the son of Ivan Drago, the man who killed his father, while navigating fatherhood, health struggles and society’s expectations. Adonis Johnson is played by Michael B. Jordan, while his girlfriend, Bianca, is played by Tessa Thompson. Thompson gives an emotional performance, as well as a stunning vocal performance. Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren reprise their roles as Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago. Real-life boxer Florian Munteanu plays Ivan Drago’s son.

Despite the somewhat predictable plot, Creed II is overall a very entertaining movie. This sequel dove deeper into the relationships between Adonis and the people around him: Bianca, his mother and Rocky. The film also added a storyline between Rocky and his estranged son, Robert, which was first addressed in Rocky V. The majority of this film does not take place in Philadelphia, which initially disappointed me, but it ultimately was a great cinematic decision that gives the audience a change of scenery.

One of my favorite features of Creed II, however, is the characterization of the antagonists, Ivan Drago and his son. The audience gets a glimpse into the Dragos’ lives after Ivan lost to Rocky in Rocky IV, and at the end of the movie, I actually gained a newfound respect for them.

Of course, the training montages and fight scenes were glorious, complete with the perfect soundtrack. The “underdog” theme is still present and Rocky Balboa is as lovable as ever. Creed II is definitely worth your time.