Daisy Jones And The Six: A visual and musical masterpiece


“Daisy Jones & The Six” was a masterpiece of a show. The cinematography, the wardrobe, the soundtrack; everything was perfect. Although there were a few differences between the series and the book, they were relatively identical. It was a little weird that they took out one of the band members from the book. Eddie’s brother, Pete, was originally in the book as the sixth member of the band making them “The Six” so it doesn’t really make sense that they took him out. But other than that, it was very similar to the book. I read the novel summer of 2022, so I don’t remember a whole lot, but the second I watched the show, everything came rushing back to me.

“Daisy Jones And The Six’’ is a novel written by Taylor Jenkins Reid that was recently turned into a drama series starring Riley Keough and Sam Claflin as main characters, Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne. The casting couldn’t have been more perfect. When I first saw who was playing Daisy, I was a little confused just because she isn’t who I pictured while reading, but after seeing Riley in costume it all made sense. The fact that Keough is Elvis’ granddaughter adds to the famous rockstar character. The whole band looked great together and all really fit their characters. They really executed the whole 70s look and I loved it. Also, the similarities between this band and Fleetwood Mac are crazy. Even the physical characteristics of Daisy are insanely similar to Stevie Nicks. When Daisy and Billy sing “Regret Me,” it is full of tension and just leaves us wondering what is going on in their heads.

That whole scene can be easily compared to Fleetwood Mac’s performance of “Landslide”. Two of the band members, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, show a very similar performance. It is very obvious how much inspiration Taylor Jenkins Reid got from the band Fleetwood Mac.
The soundtrack met every expectation I had for it. At this point they are a real band. If they went on tour as “Daisy Jones And The Six,’’ I would absolutely buy tickets. My favorite on the album is probably “Look At Us Now (Honeycomb)” or “The River”. It’s so impressive how similar the lyrics are to the ones Taylor Jenkins Reid wrote herself for the novel. The overall execution was amazing.

The first three episodes were released on Amazon Prime on March 3. I’m really glad it was released like this because despite how much I like binge watching shows, I was able to watch a couple episodes, process what I just watched, and then have the next couple episodes at the end of that week. The weekly release also made the finale episode so much better. One thing I did notice is that they made Daisy a lot less crazy. While reading the book I was expecting her to be this crazy girl with a lot of attitude and severely addicted to drugs, but at some parts she was actually kind of respectful and sweet in the show.

We didn’t get that side of her until the very end. Also Eddie, was a lot more annoying in the show than I remember him being in the book. He has no right to be complaining that he doesn’t do more in the band as a background guitarist. He is in the biggest band in the world and is still acting like a baby when he doesn’t get what he wants. I will say Billy was a little harsh about a few things but Eddie was just so needy. I understand his reaction somewhat when Billy takes Eddie’s only time to shine and uses it for himself but overall he was overreacting about pretty much everything. The ending was exactly how I remember it, yet I was just as surprised watching it as I was reading it for the first time. If you are looking for a show to watch that isn’t super cliché and corny like most shows on Netflix right now, I definitely recommend this show. If you’re worried about reading the book first, honestly, don’t. The book was amazing but the show is just incredible. Watch it now. If you want more after watching the show then read the book but everyone needs to experience the feeling you get while watching this show.