Dunkirk Thrills and Reaches All Expectations


Patrick Aherne, Co-Editor in Chief

In Christopher Nolan’s most recent movie, Dunkirk, Nolan depicts a chapter in World War II that is not normally portrayed. The movie is more enjoyable if viewers appreciate Nolan’s unique style usage of nonlinear storyline, in which the events are out of order. Having seen Nolan’s other films (The Batman trilogy, Inception) it can be expected that his portrayal of an important WWII story would be different than your average WWII movie.


This movie focuses on the British evacuation from Nazi ridden Europe back to the United Kingdom. It captures all the fear and paranoia felt during WWII very well. The British soldiers evacuate back to their homeland as their limited airforce struggles to escort the ships. The limited boats could only carry so many people away from the German occupied beach at Dunkirk. They are left on the beach only able to pray for a miracle. This content allowed Nolan, an English-American citizen, to make the film express a strong sense of British nationalism.


I was entertained due to Nolan’s unorthodox style finally provided something new. It allows the movie to avoid ending up as your average action movie. This is because his style refrains from pointless explosions and consists of a captivating auditory and visual experience as well as a nonlinear storyline. So if you are looking for something different, you should watch this movie.