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Faces on the Field

Cassidy Warren: Varsity Cheer, Track & Wrestling
Anna Mills

Whether she’s cheering for Wando’s football team, wrestling on the mats, or running on the track until her lungs give out, junior Cassidy Warren is capable of doing all three.

Warren began cheer at the age of 4, but started her track and wrestling journey during her freshman year of high school.

Playing three high school sports may seem impossible for some, but Warren strives to continue them.

“It’s hard to choose [one], which is why I don’t… they all satisfy me in a different way,” Warren said.

Wrestling, track, and cheer each help her in different ways. The sports are all very different, yet they all compliment each other to produce a diverse variety of activity for Warren to participate in.

“Cheerleaders are really supportive… we’re all hard on each other because you want to do good,” Warren said. “Wrestling is just fun because it’s fun to go one-on-one… I like track because everyone is supportive. No one’s going to put you down for anything.”

Warren finds unique qualities in each sport that she plays. Her grit and determination as a three-sport athlete sets her apart in the athletic world.

Wando prides itself on having rules about being a “student-athlete,” such as not being able to go to attend practice if the student is absent at school.

Warren continues to participate in cheer, track, and wrestling while balancing the complicated life that is high school.

“It’s hard not to put your sport first… I mean, when you’re on a team, people depend on you to be there. I have things I could be doing later today but I need to be there for my team.”

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