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Faces on the field

Reggie Grant: Varsity Football
Olivia Martin

The passion for football is what gets running back Reggie Grant out of bed every morning and it is what keeps him going. Grant was named Player of the Game against Stall after scoring three

Grant says football has made an impact on his life.

“Getting up every morning and grinding to get to work, it’s my passion,” Grant said.

A lot of players begin practicing football at a young age, similarly to Grant, who started in seventh grade. Not all high school football players want to continue their careers in college. However, there are a few that have a passion for the sport and want to stick with it.

“I want to try to play for whatever college comes first,” Grant said.

Motivation is what keeps a lot of athletes going, and helps them get out of bed in the morning. There’s a greater chance at success when motivation comes into play. Grant says his mom drives him every game.

“Hearing my mom in the stands and seeing [my] teammates’ faces when we score is my motivation,” Grant said.

Pre-game routine is also important for the player to perform at their best, and to focus on the game. Studies show that pre-game routine helps get rid of anxiety and fears that players may have.

“I like to sit back and think what I’m going… in the game,” Grant said.

It is proven that family support has helped improve athletes, not only their performance, but their attitude throughout the game. While playing in his games, Grant has support from all family members. .

“They try their best to come to all [my] games and in the stands cheering,” Grant said.

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