Faith Mitchell Crowned Miss Wando


Haley Havelock, Staff Writer

Fourteen girls stood bravely on the stage, ready to find out who would be winning the Miss Wando pageant.
Senior Faith Mitchell was named Miss Wando in the March 10 competition.
Wando held its annual Miss Wando Pageant. Students gathered and watched as their fellow peers competed in four different categories. They were judged off of talent, poise, overall statement and question and answer.
Jayla Moss, Shantell Graddick, Lilly Baer, and Emily Coker were awarded Miss Senior, Miss Junior, Miss Sophomore, and Miss Freshman, respectively.
“I feel like Miss Wando taught me how to find confidence,” Mitchell said. “If I could tell the students of Wando one thing, I would tell them to follow their dreams and don’t let anyone tell them that they can’t do what they want. I’m super proud of myself and all those who competed.”