Fall pep rally takes on a new twist


Emma Martin

Jim Wilborn, Tim Haigh, and Matt Ianuzzi show off their talent at the fall pep rally

Ted Fairchild, Staff Photographer

The Homecoming pep rally Oct. 5 took on a different face this year with a relay race as well as the more traditional pieces.

The race was between the senior and junior classes, with teams made up of volunteers from each class. It contained multiple types of movement such as the crab walk and the hoola hoop run.

Co-spirit chairs Caroline Patterson and Hunter Robinson help run events such as the pep rallies and prom.

“My co-spirit chair Hunter, she loves games, and so she wanted to bring an aspect in to the pep rally that was a challenge and competition between classes because sometimes we feel pep rallies are not that interactive. We wanted to get more student involvement and help people feel like they had a higher level of participation,” Patterson said.

Another new aspect to the rally was the addition of DJ Live. The DJ works many events for Wando such as homecoming and prom.

“He does other events that are really big and he’s good for working with really big crowds,” Patterson said.

One of Student Council’s main goals for the Homecoming pep rally was to increase student involvement.

“I think [it was a success]. For the upperclassmen pep rally people, I feel like, really got into it.”