Girl’s Lacrosse Season Comes to a Close

Caroline Combs, Breaking News

Playoffs have ended for the girls’ lacrosse team, which finished with an 11-5 record after a 6-4 loss to J.L. Mann in the state semifinals on April 25.
But the girls are in no way disappointed in each other. It is the exact opposite. Like all teams, no one wants to lose, but the girls see it as a chance to improve for next year.
“It’s obviously really upsetting that loss because we wanted to go to state really badly. I wanted to make it worth while for the seniors because it was their last season, but I think we made it really far,” sophomore Tess Hartley said. “It’s really awesome because a lot of people doubted us in the beginning and didn’t think we would be successful, but we were; we bonded and grew as a team. We ended up with a really good season and I’m really happy with it.”
The girls had a slower start to the season, rebuilding after losing seniors — but playing new members every year is not uncommon. With new players coming in and losing the girls they looked up to the year before, it was challenging to find that “click” with everyone on the team. It took a while, but they worked together and improved their communication skills along with physical techniques according to Edens.
“In the beginning, we had a rough start. We were not winning as many games, which is a lot different from last year, but we improved a lot over the season. I’m only in 10th grade, and I played varsity last year, and this year I really had to step it up.” sophomore Dupre Edens said. “I ended up starting all season. It was really cool for me to be able to play as much as I did and get to step up for the whole team.”
Even though they did not make state, the team would not have made it this far without the coaches. Coach Brook Black is the head coach and has kept up her reputation of being the most fun and uplifting coach, according to Edens.
“Coach Black is so much fun! Coach Black has been there the whole time I have played,” Edens said. “She always has your back, and she makes you feel so welcomed on the team. Plus, she really knows what she’s doing.”
Along with Coach Black are her two assistants, Sam Bos and Hannah Hartman. These younger coaches related to the players in different ways, and the players enjoyed having them around.
“Both of our assistant coaches played in college and they’re young and made practice fun,” Hartley said. “It was a really fun season and we all got really close.”