Grave Vanderwaal Electrifies Crowd and Viewers Alike


Liz Hipes, Staff Writer

“So Much More Than This” Single-Grace VanderWaal


I was curled up on the couch with my blanket and popcorn., I shouldn’t probably done some homework that night but I didn’t care. It was 8:00 on a Wednesday night., It was time for America’s Got Talent.

I was barely breathing, waiting in anticipation for nick cannon to announce the season 11 winner.

A long and dreadful pause.

“Grace VanderWaal!”

I totally lost it. I probably screamed but it was all a blur after that so I don’t remember much.

I do remember saying “I knew it! I knew it!” over and over again.

Not to brag, but I guessed that she would win the whole season after listening to her first performance at the auditions.

Now a year later, VanderWaal has come a long way from the tiny 12 year old that she was. Well, she’s still tiny, but has grown so much as an artist.

Since winning AGT, VanderWaal has come out with an EP, two singles and is getting ready to go on tour. And now she has just announced the up and coming release of her first album”Just the Beginning” coming out Nov. 3.

But in the meantime, VanderWaal gave her fans a tease of what the rest of her album will sound like with releasing her new single “So Much More Than This” and I gotta say that it is amazing.

I find myself listening to VanderWaal’s first EP and comparing it to her new single and seeing how much she has truly grown not only as an artist but as a person. The vocals are more mature (but still holds the beautiful soulfulness that America fell in love with), and she still continues to insert so much meaning into her songs that she did in the beginning of her musical journey.

I keep forgetting that she is only 13. It still baffles me.

“So Much More Than This” is about how people focus on tiny things that in the scheme of things, really don’t matter. Things like social media, looks and things that are temporary.

She also addresses the problems that she personally faces in life. Problems with people putting her down before she became a national obsession and now that she is a figure that people look up VanderWaal conveys the message that what people think of her is not the end all be all.

Overall I think that every time VanderWaal comes out with a new song, it’s like peeling back another layer of who Grace really is.

A deeper and more intimate part of her every time she sings a new original. And “So Much More Than This” is no exception.