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The student news site of Wando High School

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The student news site of Wando High School

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Halloween movies: Too overrated?

Some of the classics aren’t as great as people think
Charlotte Baxter

I love Halloween movies even though a lot of them suck. People have trash taste these days so it’s time for me to fix your wrong opinions. Here are some underrated and overrated Halloween movies.

Overrated: “The Blair Witch Project” What is this movie about? What even happens? I watched the whole thing with undivided attention but I still don’t know. The camera is pointed at the ground the whole time and 90 percent of the dialogue is just gasping and teenagers yelling at each other. I understand that it was the first big “found footage” style movie, but I spent nearly an hour and a half waiting for something to happen and it never did.

Underrated: “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” People who don’t understand how funny this movie is are stupid. What about a musical surrounding cannibals in 1800s
grimey London doesn’t say comedy to you? I think this movie should get way more attention than it does. It has a great cast, great songs, unique plotline, great director, and it’s super sick and gross but also really funny and unserious at the same time. It’s a great combination of genres and a super fun watch for Halloween.

Overrated: “Halloween” I know that this is really controversial and some people are about to be mad at me. I respect how iconic it is, and there’s nothing about it that I particularly dislike. I
just think it’s lame. It’s 90 percent the same theme song over and over again and 10 percent actual stuff happening, plus the theme song being played over that. And what’s the point in watching an entire franchise of movies when they have made it very clear to the audience that for some reason, Michael Myers is impossible to kill? What makes anyone think the next movie will be anything different? Are we that gullible as a society?  Or am I looking way too hard into it and people really just like that theme song?

Underrated: “Bewitched” People always talk about the show, and when I first came across this movie on Hulu, I thought that it was definitely gonna suck. But, I decided to watch it since I happened to be in Salem, Mass., and I was in the mood to watch a dumb movie about witches. While the movie might be dumb, I loved it. It’s a rom com that’s actually funny, the aesthetic of it all is really cute, and Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman are surprisingly a really entertaining duo.

Overrated: “Little Shop of Horrors” The songs are annoying, the plot is dumb, the jokes are unfunny, and the characters aren’t likable. It took a lot of effort and strength to get through this whole movie. Maybe the musical would be a lot better, but I guess I’ll never know because I will never risk it with this story again. I honestly expected to like the movie, but I found the  whole premise unsettling (not in a good way; just in a poorly made way) and I couldn’t stand to hear the singing voices of most of the characters. Sorry.

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